Hi, Y’all. I’m Jaki Lynn and Slim Down U is my blog to living
a healthy and happy life by changing the way we think.

I’ve tried more diets than I could name and lost weight on all of them too. I also gained the weight back each time.  I’ve come to the realization over the years that the answer to losing weight and keeping it off and living a happy and healthy life is by changing the way you think.

My weight loss journey started when I was in grade school.  I was the biggest child in my class and always felt uncomfortable and didn’t feel like I fit in and it was difficult because kids can be mean.  As an overweight adult I found out adults can be just as mean as the kids.weight loss before afterI was in my late 20’s here and lost over a 100 pounds to only gain it all back plus a few extra pounds.

weight loss before aftersI was in my  30’s here and this time I lost about 110 pounds, but once again gained it all back.

before after pictures slim down uI had weight loss surgery in my 40’s and again lost 100 pounds only to start struggling and gaining weight again.

beforeafter50The 50’s … learning a new way to live, think, and eat in a way that is sustainable for life. It’s not a diet that has an ending date – it’s a way of life.


My favorite product:
I add this to so many things
(my morning coffee, oatmeal, shakes) to get in some added protein.


I have to admit it’s hard sharing these weight loss before and after pictures, but I hope it helps others to see it it possible to make changes and not to give up.