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I’m Jaki Lynn the face behind this blog.

I hope my experiences can help you to create a happier and happier life for yourself.

My goal is to share words of encouragement with you to inspire you to live your happiest and healthiest life possible for you. Don’t put off your happiness until things are perfect. Figure out how you can start now, start small. Just start.
You’ll be so glad you did.

Slim Down U, Jaki Lynn

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My Weight Loss Story:

I started my weight loss journey back in grade-school.  I was the fat little girl others giggled at and made fun of and no one wanted to be friends with.  I tried just about every plan out there and lost weight on them all.  Of course, I gained back the weight each time too.


weight loss before after
This is the first time I lost 100 pounds. I was in my 20’s.



weight loss before and after pictures
I gained the weight back that I lost in my 20’s and ended up weighing even more. So I went on a diet in my 30’s and lost over 100 pounds again!


weight loss before and after pics
I gained the weight back yet again and decided to have the vertical sleeve gastrectomy.  I once again lost 100 pounds. After the honeymoon period of the VSG I found the cravings came back quickly and scale started creeping up again.



Most of us have always been told changing how you eat and exercise is all you need to do to lose weight. Those of us that have spent our lives struggling with our weight know better, don’t we? The biggest change you need to make is on the inside. Unless we learn to change our thinking our newly formed healthy behaviors most likely won’t last very long.


I turned 54 in Jan of 2018 and I’m still fighting every day to make healthier choices and change my thinking for a a happy and healthy life.

As you can tell I have tried just about everything to lose weight.

I’m a little older and wiser and I have learned over the years the only way for success is to make it a lifestyle and not just another diet.


I won’t give up and I hope you don’t either.

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